Strings and Services

TAZ Archery Bowstring and Cables are Custom Built for Mathews Archery, Hoyt Archery, Bowtech Archery, PSE Archery, Elite Archery, Prime Archery, Bear Archery, and many more.

TAZ Strings

8190X The Ultimate Bowstring Material

Every TAZ Archery bowstring is made from 100% Dyneema Fiber. Dyneema comes in various grades. 8190Xtreme bowstrings are made from an SK90 grade Dyneema, the highest grade Dyneema fiber available for bowstrings. 8190Xtreme bowstrings give you several significant advantages:

  • 15% stronger than other bowstrings
  • No shoot-in-time — a Huge advantage
  • Superior accuracy and Speed
  • Greater consistency
  • Longer lasting
  • More durable
  • Looks the same a year later from the day they are put on.


  • 100% tightly braided Spectra suitable for end or center serving. Highest durability. 014" white turns clear when wound tightly.
  • .014 makes for a tighter cleaner serving with great breaking strength
  • .019 Halo and Majesty are used for all Center servings.
  • TAZ servings are guaranteed not to move or slip in an conditions.

Pre-Stretched All TAZ bowstrings are made using our exclusive and unique Stretching method. This system essentially pre-stretches the stands of Dyneema at the higher level. The result is a bowstring that experiences virtually no movement which means your TAZ Bowstring will take just a few shots to shoot it. All strands pre-stretched at the 600 pounds of pressure, eliminating movement What does this mean to you? No shoot in time, guaranteed!! NO peep sight rotation. No serving separation.

Quality Checked Each and every TAZ bowstring is checked and re-checked by quality control professionals to assure that your TAZ bowstring will perform from the very first shot. Your TAZ bowstring will be right — TAZ Guarantees Them!!

Assembled by Hand A TAZ bowstring is made 100% by hand (not by machines) buy experienced String Technicians Assures high performance, unmatched quality.

*Made in the U.S.A COLORS *Go to bcyfibers.com for color selection


All arrows made at TAZ Archery are custom hand made. What does this mean to the consumer?
  • Better arrow flight. Arrows are fletched with a 6 degree helical which insures better stability right out of the bow.
  • Colors. All customers get to pic from any color combination that is available. Match your favorite Sports team, make them bright so they visual can be seen easier, or make them dark for hunting.
  • Fletching. There are many different sizes of Vanes and Feathers. We will put on whatever length suits a customer’s needs for hunting or target shooting.
  • Arrow Wraps. Pick a color or design to customize your arrows. At TAZ, we believe that the installation of arrow wraps, it helps with the bonding of vanes to the arrow. This benefit will help with vanes falling off in flight or when passing through an old target.
  • Field points. All arrows that are sold come with field points. No hidden extra costs
  • Cutting of the Arrow. This is done with an 8,000 rpm high performance arrow saw. This insures square cutting for better insert and broadhead alignment.
With all this in mind why would a hunter or target archer want to risk a bad shot on an animal or one less high score for the tournament trail!


Hooter Shooter- This can be used to group tune, check clearance issues, cam timing, rest timing, and much more.All “Pro Shops” do the basic tune on a bow. TAZ Archery takes it a step further. How you ask?

  • Paper tuning- All bows are paper tuned to achieve a perfect hole through paper. If the bow is shooting perfectly, and a customer cannot get it to shoot perfectly, we will take it a step further and help the archer with form tips to achieve perfect arrow flight.
  • Yoke tuning and tiller tuning- Not all bows are the same and some might take a little more tweaking to achieve the perfect hold or arrow flight.
  • Sight leveling- Ever wonder why when you shoot an arrow at 20 yards it is right on and at 50 yards it is shooting left or right? We have the knowledge and tools to fix this. Ever wonder why you are shooting perfectly left/right on the ground and when you are up in a tree it is not. 3rd axis leveling is the cause of this.

These are only a few things that TAZ is known for. We can make your old bow or new shoot just like it was hot off the assembly line again. You may not want to shoot like a Professional archer, but we will make your bow shoot like one!


TAZ archery offers one of the largest indoor archery ranges in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We have targets that can be shot up to 35 yards  for the hunter, competitor or recreational archer wanting to perfect their shot.  No reservations needed.